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The first time I traveled for a concert was to Quadra Island. While waiting for the ferry a friend and I started fiddling to pass the time. Before we knew it a crowd had gathered and a driver offered us his flat bed truck to play on. This spontaneity of music is one that reverberates through language barriers and tears down misconceptions of “traditional music” as boring and out of touch.

Learning to play the violin teaches us how to overcome hurdles. In this age of instant access to everything, practicing and exploring music is a thoughtful, but fun process where patience is a learned skill.

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Heather Bowness Violin teacher Victoria BC

I am a professional musician and violin teacher in Victoria B.C.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of playing the violin – the thrill of my first concert, the first time I played my favourite concerto, and the frustrations of beginning to learn an instrument. Gradually through lessons and daily practice I began to control and master the subtle technicalities of the violin. Soon I was hooked. I remember lying on the floor of my bedroom, violin propped beside me, pumping classical music through the stereo, feeling the vibrations through the floor.

Being a professional violin teacher means I am constantly learning new teaching techniques and how to explain technical aspects of the violin in different ways. Each year I take professional development courses through the Suzuki Association at different locations around the country, as well as learning with other experienced violin teachers (both fiddle and classical teachers) in Victoria B.C. I also love experimenting and learning different music styles, and often include fiddle pieces into my students repertoire. This keeps my love of teaching alive as I learn new ways to play and teach my students.

I teach in person at my own studio or online via Skype or Zoom. Learning to play the violin online is possible and I have just as much success teaching students online as I do in person. Online violin lessons provide those students who are in remote communities or who homeschool with opportunities to learn how to play the violin.

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Blue Octopus Studio is conveniently located in Vic West near Banfield Park, just a few minutes from downtown Victoria B.C. and close to the Galloping Goose Trail and the No. 14 Victoria city bus line. Online violin lessons are also available.

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