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Violin Lessons and Violin Teacher Victoria BC

Blue Octopus Studio is dedicated to providing professional and engaging violin lessons in Victoria B.C.

All ages and abilities are welcome. As an experienced violin teacher, I will provide a platform for developing each students' innate musical abilities. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to play the violin.

Some of my happiest memories are centred on the friends I made while playing in quartets and orchestras throughout the years. At 15 I was invited to attend the Bremen International Youth Orchestra in Germany – a two-week orchestra workshop of over 10 different nationalities. It was there, among 120 other young musicians, that I first noticed a difference in the European model of teaching music. Like math and languages, music was a central, critical and essential part of education and staunchly supported by government. This concept of music as a vital and fundamental part of the whole education process of children is an important aspect of how I teach violin and approach musical education.

Suzuki Violin Lessons for Children

At Blue Octopus Studio I teach beginners the foundations of violin technique, how to study and practice, as well as instilling a love for music.

For children as young as four, I teach the Suzuki method and have approved violin teacher training by the Suzuki Association of Americas (SAA). The Suzuki method recognizes that every child has an innate musical ability that should be encouraged. This method focuses on aural training that mimics how a child learns language and requires strong parental involvement. Shinichi Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki method, also proposed that the primary purpose of learning the violin isn’t for everyone to become world-renowned musicians, but rather to learn how to be kind, thoughtful, and productive members of society. For more information on the Suzuki violin method visit the Suzuki Association website.

In a typical violin lesson various games targeting specific abilities such as ear training, rhythm, and memorization are incorporated to keep your child active and focused. As well, your child will learn to develop and control large and small muscle movements, which is key to the precision of the violin. Most importantly, your child will learn to appreciate and enjoy all kinds and styles of music. Learning the violin relies on building blocks of knowledge and skill that gradually become more complex over time. These skills will serve your child going forward in whatever else they take on in life.

The parent—child—teacher trio is crucial to the musical development of your child. At home practice is essential and young children will practice only a few minutes a day. Practice should be fun, yet challenging. Without practice it's easy for a child to become frustrated with a lack of progress. Developing the daily habit of practice your child will learn to overcome challenges and frustrations, which leads to greater confidence in overcoming other problems. While families are often busy, we can develop a daily practice schedule that will not be too onerous for your child or for your family, but is essential to your child’s musical development.

Violin Lesson Rates

Violin Lessons for Teens

Building on the foundations of violin technique, teens and young adults will continue to develop their skills and knowledge. At a higher level, I encourage students to take an active role in choosing the music they wish to play and to explore a variety of styles and music. Each lesson will focus on different aspects of technique and study and is tailored to meet the specific level of the student.

Basic music history and theory will also be taught in lessons. However, if your teen is serious about taking their musical understanding to a deeper level, I encourage students to take the RCM examinable history and music theory courses. Many RCM examinations can be used towards high school credits.

I also encourage teens and adults to join small ensembles or youth orchestra to enhance their skills and musicianship.

Suzuki Group Lessons

Group classes are an important part of the Suzuki program and students are encouraged to join group classes as well as individual classes.

Online Violin Lessons via Skype

Do you wish to learn the violin, but aren't able to meet in person? I teach students violin online via Skype, Facetime, Zoom meetings etc. If you are a student living in a remote community who doesn't have access to teachers or for those who are simply looking for a more convenient way to learn in their own home, learning the violin online is an effective way to learn. I have successfully taught students online and have developed a way to communicate and teach regardless of distance. No special requirements are needed other than a good internet connection, your own violin and music. As with my in person lessons, I am always available during the week to answer any questions you might have and can audio or video responses back if there are specific questions about technique. Learning the violin online with Skype is a wonderful way to access learning violin and music in your own home and at your own schedule and pace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning the violin with me and would like more information about online violin lessons or violin lessons in my home studio of Victoria B.C.

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Violin Lesson Studio Location Victoria B.C.

Blue Octopus Studio is conveniently located in Vic West near Banfield Park, just a few minutes from downtown Victoria B.C. and close to the Galloping Goose Trail and the No. 14 Victoria city bus line. Online Lessons are also available

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